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To thank you of your donation to PoliEdro you can choose between these gadget packs

Sackpack made of Nylon, adorned with the new PoliMi Pride Logo, 43x34cm. New pins, a Zip Pull to decorate your backpack and the band to take always with you!
Cotton t-shirt with digital print of the new PoliMi Pride logo. Available in 6 sizes, both as a t-shirt or a tank top.
You can choose more rewards by making a donation of at least a multiple of the minimum donation required for the pack you choose
Choose your T-Shirt
Approx. 3% XS S M L XL XXL
Larghezza (cm) 48 51 53.5 56 58 61
Lunghezza (cm) 68 70 72 74 76 78
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For organisational reasons we can't ship the objects at your domicile, we will instead deliver them personally at our booths in Politecnico during the month of June *

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