How to support the project?

The colourful PoliMi Pride gadget are more and more! The sackpacks, the pins, the band and the zip puller complete the gadgets set branded "PoliMi Pride" together with the t-shirt!
But to make them we need your support: just like last year all the gadgets are financed directly by PoliEdro with your help! With a contribution to the PoliMi Pride 2019 crowdfunding campaign we'll be able to make the materials for everyone and you will receive yours during Pride Week in Politecnico di Milano!

How does it work?

The working of the initiative is very simple and can be summarised in a few steps.
  1. Make a donation to PoliEdro of the amount you wish
  2. Based on the amount of your donation you can choose a gadget pack to get
  3. The crowdfunding will be open until June 9th
  4. As the crowdfunding closes we will make the orders of all the gadgets and they will be ready to be distributed during the Pride Week (June 24th-28th) at our booths in Politecnico's campuses (Leonardo and Bovisa)
  5. To pick up your gadgets show up at our booths with your donation number or the confirmation email

We Made For You...

PoliMi Pride Sackpack, Rainbow Band, Pins and Zip Pull
Minimum Contribution:
The PoliMi Pride sackpacks are perfect to face the Milano Pride parade! The nylon 34x43cm sackpacks are very useful to take with you water bottles, flags and all you need to be fabulous! And the gadgets are not finished here: Rainbow Band, Pins and Zip Puller are all included so you can support us for the whole year!
PoliMi Pride T-Shirt
Minimum Contribution:
Do not miss the PoliMi Pride t-shirt! Together with all the other gadgets is perfectly completes the PoliMi Pride 2019 collection. Participate to the Milano Pride parade with our t-shirt to be super visible all together!